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Diskutiere Vorsicht vor den neuen Updates! im Forum Da Vinci im Bereich 3D-Drucker - Da ich mir den Resetter für das Filament aus den USA bestellt habe, habe ich vor kurzem eine Mail erhalten. Diese will ich Euch nicht...


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Da ich mir den Resetter für das Filament aus den USA bestellt habe, habe ich vor kurzem eine Mail erhalten. Diese will ich Euch nicht vorenthalten:

Hello, During the past few weeks, XYZ Corp released a new firmware for the Da Vinci 1.0 3D ptinter (ver. 1.2.3) a similar version for the Da Vinci Duo will be release shortly, as well as a new version of XYZWare (version 1.32).
Both of these will prevent you from using a resetter to try different filaments on your own purchased printer, forcing you to buy their own filaments only.
This is achieved by collection your print-jobs information and sending this information (in the background) to their servers. We find these forceful acts of disconnect and reset your printer from their servers unacceptable. No other company, HP, EPSON and the like disconnects your printer if you use a refilled or recycled cartridge. It is not illegal to use aftermarket products!

In any case, we tested the firmware version 1.2.3 and I can tell you with certainty that there are no print-quality improvements in this release. Only the addition of printer-disabling routines and added spyware.
To this extent, I would suggest that you do not upgrade your firmware past 1.1.J or 2.0.J if you intend to use a resetting device, which frees you to use your own filaments (which may not be offered by XYZ Corp).

Regarding XYZWare 1.32, it also contains similar routines and it will cause your printer to fail, therefore please remain on version 1.31 or earlier for the present time. Using XYZWare 1.32 will eventually render the resetter unusable even if you're on firmware 1.1.J.

If you have upgraded without being informed about these issues, you can downgrade your da vinci 1.0 back to firmware version 1.1.J by downloading and following the hardware reset walkthrough contained in the file DAVINCI_RESET_1_0.zip in our download area.
To do a proper downgrade, follow the directions and, if you prefer you can also use Phil's firmware downgrade program once you've resetted the printer and skip the Arduino IDE installation altogether. You can download his program from our download area on http://wctek.com/shop Once you've downgraded back to version J (or lower), install firmware 1.1.29 or 1.1.30 available from the voltivo software repository forum at http://voltivo.com/forum/davinci-sof...are-repository

If you wish not to have XYZWare monitoring your prints and continue to force an upgrade, you can block xyz.exe with your firewall from accessing the Internet. Once blocked, you will be free to use your printer in your own privacy and your filaments without being afraid that your printer may get resetted remotely! To conclude, I just want to mention that we have received reports from several users that the 1.2.3 firmware can cause severe damage to your printer due to improper heated bed calibration.

One of our users comments:
' The fact that 1.23 makes the head plow into the glass plate and nowhere do they even recommend,much less force, a recalibration can be argued as :
1. Potential of injury because the hot plate could crack on collision and some user could get hurt while looking at the printer
2. Wanton carelessness while pursuing financial gain
3. Damaging private property '

Do not perform the upgrade - downgrade if you have upgraded and be free from these and future usability issues. Let your friends know.

Good Luck.
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